Ableton CC external Instrument

author: oberling - date: 2015-12-31
As my family of synthesizers and external audio equipment grows the issue of automating CC parameters rose. This is not trivial in ableton lives arrangement view as described in the audio section but CC Sender 16 comes in handy.

Responsive Web Design

author: oberling - date: 2013-06-20
Usually I am not that much into Web Development. But as i figured out that 1000 pixel fixed width is not any longer acceptable i took a short moment to figure out how responsive web design works. Once again I was supprised how easy that was.


author: oberling - date: 2012-10-23
For my master`s thesis (german) i used ClusterGL. So i`m going to publish some howtos in tutorials->ClusterGL.

Grails based VotingTool

author: oberling - date: 2011-09-21
If you allways searched a web based live voting system that you could use right out of the box you may want to take a look at projects->VotingTool. This Grails based voting tool has been programmed in a workshop on the IP 2011 and as there where some requests, we decided to publish it under the terms of GPL. The users workflow is fully automated - they only have to vote.

ARM- and Audio-Tutorials translated

author: oberling - date: 2011-09-17
The german tutorials about ARM and Audio have been translated into english and are now available on tutorials->ARM and tutorials->audio.


author: oberling - date: 2011-09-12
Today i took the time to add a small description of ROBERTA (a small research project i participated at and that had a few results of course :))

Design refurbished

author: oberling - date: 2011-03-30
As the old design bored me I refurbished it today.


author: oberling - date: 2011-02-27
As I recognized, that tutorials, news and shortnews are not enough, I just sat down and quickly coded a new section "notes" as you can now see in the menu. This section will contain short notes mainly for me but they might be usefull for others as well.

Redirection of former domain

author: oberling - date: 2010-11-08
Today I switched my old domain into http-redirection-mode to Old content may be ported if needed.


author: oberling - date: 2010-10-15
On October 13 the ROBERTA-System was used at the it-Shownacht (it-Shownight). It was not only used for Contactmanagement but also for the presentation of a project the INKA-Researchgroup of the HTW Berlin realized in cooperation with the berlin based Fashionlabel scmidth-takahashi. It performed pretty well and useracceptance was high.

Keynote on Conference

author: oberling - date: 2010-10-01
Allthough not planned before, I held a 1 hour keynote speech at the CIMSiM. As a replacement speaker for my professor I spoke about the research of our berlin based research group INKA. Also I held my own presentation on Contact Based Wireless Identification of Moving Objects Using Active RFID Technology and have been chairing the session Image, Speech and Signal Processing.

Conference in Bali

author: oberling - date: 2010-09-21

introducing the news section

author: oberling - date: 2010-09-21
Today I added this news site, to inform you about recent updates on this site. As you can see, I allready have added an old entry about launching this website ;-).

Website launched

author: oberling - date: 2010-09-18
This website gives a short overview about my activities, projects and hobbies. It is written all by myself in php, html and css.
The Design was taken from Free CSS Templates and reworked to fit to my needs.
News - Sidebar
Ableton MIDI CC automation
In the audio section I shortly describe a way to automate MIDI CC parameters in Ableton Lives Arrangement View.
The german tutorials about ClusterGL are now available in english: tutorials->ClusterGL.
Under projects->votingTool i have put an grails based live votingsystem online.
LaTeX tutorials
The german tutorials about LaTeX are now available in english: tutorials->LaTeX.
AVR tutorials
The german tutorials about AVR are now available in english: tutorials->AVR.
Audio tutorials
The german tutorials about Audio are now available in english: tutorials->Audio.
ARM tutorials
The german tutorials about ARM are now available in english: tutorials->ARM.
new Design
Today Max had a nice present for me - a new design :) Thanks!
Today i took my time to translate the german Entry for ROBERTA - a small research project i participated at. More translations to come...
new sidebar
News will be placed here.

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