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Participating at the erasmus intensive program (IP) 2011 in Virrat - finland, we developed a webbased live-voting-system with Grails as backend.
As it works satisfying and there have been some requests, we decided to put the sources online under the terms of GPL
Please note, that this project has been developed in a very short time and was intentionally only for the purpose to show a working system at the end of the workshop - therefor it may lack some features. The main functionallity and some nice features however have been implemented.



The sources can be cloned from the following git-repository:

git clone

Having a working Grails-Environment installed the votingTool should work right out of the box by executing:

grails runApp

in the projects directory.


Workflow for Users (Voter):

The administration interface can be found at: http://server-ip:8080/voting/question/list/
as default user we implemented the user admin with password grails - which of course you should change. As of the prototyp manner of this software this is currently done directly in the grails-app/conf/BootStrap.groovy.

Workflow for the admin:

Make shure to have at least one question active as otherwise users will be redirected to non-existing pages....

Improve the System

There are some really ugly things occuring in the sourcecode - therefor don't hasitate to ask for write-permission to the upper git to push your improvements.

Some improvements we thought about:

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Ableton MIDI CC automation
In the audio section I shortly describe a way to automate MIDI CC parameters in Ableton Lives Arrangement View.
The german tutorials about ClusterGL are now available in english: tutorials->ClusterGL.
Under projects->votingTool i have put an grails based live votingsystem online.
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new Design
Today Max had a nice present for me - a new design :) Thanks!
Today i took my time to translate the german Entry for ROBERTA - a small research project i participated at. More translations to come...
new sidebar
News will be placed here.

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