ROBERTA - Active RFID Technology on Events

Update october 2015: As this project is quiet outdated and not maintained by me any longer I would like to take the chance to point to the repository of Milosch Meriac (initiator of the openbeacon project): github/meriac/openbeacon. Additionally you can find a very sophisticated step by step reference guide to setup and run the tracker API.

ROBERTA was a research project and realized in a cooperation between the research group INKA at the HTW (university of applied sciences) Berlin and the berlin based Bureau-Q GmbH to evaluate the use of active RFID-Technology on business events and events in general.
Within this project a distributed system has been developed for the opensource soft- and hardware-platform OpenBeacon.
The main tool is a server to receive all messages from the OpenBeacon-System via Network (OpenBeacon-PoE I and II and OpenBeacon-WLAN (OpenBeacon-WiFi)) as well as serial interface (OpenBeacon-USB I) and distribute them after processing (positioning and recognition of contacts beween RFID-Tags) using a self-defined tcp-based network-protocol.
Further information and videos about the show-cases we have deployed the system for you can find on

You can download the sourcecode for the server-application here


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